Repairing Wood Floor Water Damage – Here Are the Easy Ways

When there is wood floor water damage the action to be taken depends on its severity. If it’s something like a flood there is no small repair for the floor. It will have to be completely replaced. Excessive damage causes wood to warp and tile to become loose, making it impossible to repair.

After the floor is removed a complete drying out must be done. It’s possible to obtain large drying fans, from a rental company, at a very low price. These fans might have to be in place for several days to complete the drying process but until everything is completely dry it will not be possible to lay flooring. At times the sub-flooring will also be damaged and have to be replaced.

Usually, if floors are damaged badly there is damage to the walls as well. This means that they, also, will have to be all or partially replaced. In the case of something like a flood, this, as well as the floors, can be a very expensive venture.

When there is a small amount of wood damage, such as from a broken pipe, it is easier to make repairs. The main problem most people have in making any kind of small repair is matching the wood. If it is older, original flooring, many times it is difficult to find an exact match due to the fact that, over the years, wood develops certain pattern from wear that can not be matched with new materials. In addition, there might be a difference in the thickness of the wood and other differences. Some people, with this problem, have sought out companies that work with buildings being demolished. These companies often salvage materials from older buildings and might have the right kind of wood that is needed.

When the entire floor has been damaged, beyond repair, some people choose to go to laminate flooring. This type of flooring is easy to install and is relatively inexpensive. There are many beautiful patterns on the market today that are difficult to tell from regular wood flooring.

When a floor is being replaced, it is essential that all areas be completely dry. There is always the danger of mold where water gets into small tight areas during wood floor water damage. This mold can be dangerous to the health and all possibilities of its existence should be eliminated. It can cause severe allergies, respiratory infections, headaches and nervous system problems. This is especially important where children, who may be in close contact with the floor, are concerned.