Creating Your Very Own English Herb Garden

To create your Very Own English Herb Garden, you must first take a look at the two types of gardens that you can create. The simpler of the two is the Cottage Herb Garden. This Garden is a very useful addition to your house if you cook a lot of meals at home, and have time to grow your own fresh ingredients. The more expensive, time consuming and difficult of the two is the Formal English Herb Garden. This garden requires much more space, and a much larger budget, but the end results are breath taking if done correctly. They intertwine form with function by not only giving you fresh Herbs at your disposal but also giving you an artistically symmetrical botanical Eden to cherish and enjoy.

The best location for an English Cottage Garden would preferably be touching the side of the house directly to either the left or right of the kitchen door. This location is perfect for the cook to effortlessly get needed Herbs and vegetables by going out of the kitchen door and retrieving needed ingredients whenever necessary. Traditional English Cottage Gardens have more then just Herbs, they also contained vegetables and Spices. These Gardens were made for harvesting fresh ingredients for the daily preparations of meals. These Cottage Gardens not only make fresh home grown produce to be readily available, but it also saved the owners large amounts of money. Buying produce can put a hefty dent in your wallet, and being able to grow your own produce lets you avoid all of the poisonous pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on all produce that is grown in bulk. This is a fantastic way to have easy access to cheap, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

When creating your Formal English Herb Garden, you must possess a creative spark that allows you to view the end result so you know what to work towards. If you are not apt to creative design, you can hire a designer to create a gorgeous, symmetrical landscape that you can then fill with the English Garden of your dreams. These Formal English Gardens are usually located as a centerpiece to your yard, and usually cover a large piece of land. Although this is the more expensive route to take, the character and beauty these gardens bring to a home is in valuable. Not to mention the fact that having Herbs ready to be picked whenever needed can improve your health, and in turn improve your lifestyle.

As in all gardening expenditures, having a green thumb is very helpful. Looking after your English Herb Garden can become very tiresome at times, but can also provide fun and enjoyment to others. Sprouting consists of placing seeds in Peat Pellets for around a week or until a 1 to 1.5 inch or 25 to 40mm sprout appears. Once the Herb/Vegetable has sprouted, it is time to plant it into the ground, peat pellet and all. Be sure to leave a minimum of 50% of the sprout sticking straight out of the ground. Be sure to provide enough spacing so that each Herb/Vegetable does no touch one another. A great natural pesticide is onions, whether it is growing in a perimeter around your garden, or even sprinkling minced onions around your garden randomly. Onions repulse almost all insects and can help keep your garden pest free. Herbs only need light watering so be sure to separate your herbs from your vegetables mostly due to the fact that vegetables need an abundance of water in its flowering stages. One thing that is also very important is keeping small animals out of your garden. Depending on the area in which you live whether it is deep in the city, or out in the rural countryside, pests can ruin any garden. There are many ways too keep these pests out of your garden. The two most effective ways are an ordinary wooden fence with a gate, which can be anywhere from 3-4′ or 900 to 1200mm in height depending on abundance of specific species. Or a cheaper yet still effective way is to wrap fishing line around your perimeter at random heights. This nearly invisible barrier will stop almost all domestic animals including dogs and cats, and will also keep out deer. After your English Herb Garden is finished, you can relax in the spring shade and enjoy the wonderful fragrances and awe inspiring sites of a Botanical Eden made specifically for you.