Custom Wood Doors at the Heart of a Home

According to the old proverb, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While it’s hard to know for sure where these words of wisdom originated, it is entirely plausible they were simply the afternoon ramblings of a particularly hungry man.

What cannot really be argued is the way into a room is usually through its door. And just like a man’s stomach, custom wood doors come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer wide or narrow, or flat or round, manufacturers of custom wood doors will be able to satisfy your needs.

And once you’ve had enough of looking at their stomachs, they’ll be happy to produce for you beautiful bespoke wooden interior doors for your home.

However, with so many options for material available when fitting new interior doors, the following question has to be asked. Leaving behind the theme of the male body and thinking solely about interior doors: what’s so good about wood?

Handsomely designed

Although solid wood doors are more expensive than their synthetically produced counterparts, the investment is obvious in the aesthetics.

Like any custom doors, solid wood interior doors are available in a whole range of styles meant to complement the design of a home. From the type of wood and its inherent color and grain to the shape of the doorway, the choice of double or single doors, and even whether to include glass features or not, solid wood interior doors can instantly upgrade the look and feel of an entire home.

Featuring the sturdiness found in all custom doors, solid wood interior doors can withstand years of heavy use, meaning they will retain their looks even as the decades pass.

A greater insulator

Due to their material and made-to-measure design, wood doors provide far better insulation than other types on the market.

Good insulation in interior doors is every bit as important as in their exterior cousins, as heat or conditioned air is just as likely to escape into an interior corridor as it is to the world outside. With well-fitted custom doors, space for air to escape between door and frame is minimal; added to the solid wood construction, greater energy efficiency is achieved, helping to lower household bills.

Insulation is not restricted to just heat and conditioned air, however. Sound can also pass through lower quality doors and cause issues in busy family homes. Investing in high quality, wood doors can help to keep sound confined to where it wants to be heard.

Strength to protect

Of the utmost importance to every homeowner, security begins at the exterior doors of a property and extends internally to different features inside the home.

Custom interior doors help provide extra banks of safety for you and your family from a range of potential dangers. While installing solid wood exterior doors is one of the best ways to keep intruders out, locked solid wood interior doors can slow their progress should they indeed enter. This can protect important private property in a home office and, more importantly, your family as they sleep.

Even when living in an area with little crime, danger may also emanate from inside the home in the form of fire. Solid wood doors have greater fire resistance than hollow or plastic options. Although they will eventually burn through, the extra time they give could make all the difference should the unthinkable happen.

While the way to a man’s heart remains through his stomach, and the way to a woman’s remains a mystery to men everywhere, the reasons for making the way into a room through custom interior wood doors are numerous.

Improving the aesthetic of a home, providing greater insulation, and protecting your family from dangers both out with and within; custom wood doors are at the heart of many a happy home.