Is a Mini Herb Garden For You?

Do you want to create your own herb garden but do not like the idea of hard work? Smile, because I have just the right solution for you – a mini herb garden in the size that you prefer!

First of all you may discover that maintaining an average size garden may not be hard work as in hard labour that one would baulk at. Think of it more like playing squash – hard work that you enjoy. And that is the way allotments owners feel. So having a garden may just mean not having to go to the gym. I think that’s cool because gardening gives the added benefit of a harvest of herbs in the end, in addition to the exercise bit.

But what if you can proportionately reduce the amount of maintenance required to a minimum? Would you then embark on creating your own garden of choice now?

Well today I want to introduce you to the mini herb garden.

But be fore-warned that the herbs you will be harvesting may just lead you into an adventure to explore the different cuisines from around the world. At the very least, you could be sipping relaxing chamomile tea on some mildly humid evening in the garden with that someone special, or to strip away all the stress from work. Some of the herbs from your mini herb garden may even make your life more comfortable by relieving some ailment that might be bugging you. As a former insomniac, I know what it means to be able to take a few drops of valerian tincture to help me go to sleep.

Now many people argue that the only true mini herb garden still has to be the one in the ground outside your house but I am of the opinion that the following are mini herb gardens that you may consider growing. Your final choice may depend on:

1. The amount of space you have available, indoors or outdoors.

2. Whether you want to have the convenience of the plants being actually in the house (meaning you do not have to go outside in the wind or rain to pick your herbs)

3. Whether you actually physically enjoy being in your own aromatic garden where you can sit and smell the aromas of your plants.

4. The conditions of the actual spot you are contemplating – like how much sun it receives, the type of soil on the ground and if it will get enough water naturally.

5. Whether you prefer to be able to control your garden environment so that you have crops to pick most year round.

And so on.

The type of mini herb garden you finally decide on will also depend on how much time you are willing to joyfully spend in it. So you may for example choose an herb garden kit because maintaining it will require the least amount of effort.

To my mind a mini herb garden can be any one of the following:

1. What some people would say is the true mini herb garden in a four by six foot plot of ground, whether it is in your backyard or on the rooftop!

2. A one-pot mini herb garden. This is a specially made ceramic pot that has “holes” located all around it from top to bottom into which you would put your young herb plants as you fill the pot up with your growing media of a suitable soil mix.

3. A flourishing garden contained in a herb garden kit

4. A mini herb garden can also be that container of herbs that sits on your windowsill or in individual pots arranged on a stepped bench beside it. I have seen decorative metal structures that have pot holders that branch out from the main central “pole”. These arrangements can be set beside the windowsill so long as it does not obstruct traffic flow.

5. An arrangement made up of herbs contained in individual pots in some area in the house, usually the kitchen, can also be construed to be an indoors mini herb garden.

6. It may also be an arrangement of a number of smaller herb plants in a large bowl much like a flower or plant arrangement that is displayed for decorative purposes. Like in a flower arrangement, the bowl or container used is entirely up to your imagination.

7. It may also be that outdoor area on your patio where you have placed several potted herb plants.

The actual herbs that you decide to grow will depend very much on the type of garden you have chosen to build.

Why not take your time and enjoy every process of creating your own mini herb garden, from the planning and designing stage down to when you experiment with your crops in your kitchen. Do not hurry because every stage of this new hobby can be a great adventure in itself.

Better still enjoy this process even fuller by downloading “Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step-By-Step”, the guaranteed expert guide to designing and creating the ideal garden for you.