Making Homemade Electricity – A Task We Should All Learn to Do

All of us are users of electricity, consummate users in fact. We use electricity for all sorts of things, from small devices like our iPods to huge power-guzzlers like our water heaters. Electricity is simply part of our modern life. However, despite the fact that electricity is a huge part of our lives, it is highly likely that few of us have ever thought of producing our very own homemade electricity. When you think about it, the process is actually very simple.

Just like heat and light, electricity is a form of energy. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find natural sources of electricity, and what sources we have produce only very little. But we can rely on a basic law of physics when it comes to generating electricity, and that is the fact that one form of energy can be converted into another form. Therefore, you can create electricity using other forms of energy, and it is this concept that we will explore when we produce electricity from home.

Solar Energy Systems

There are a lot of ways by which you can use the concept of transforming one form of energy into another, particularly into electricity. Solar panels are among the most common methods. The photovoltaic cells in solar panels are activated by sunlight, and when they are activated, they convert the sunlight they get into electricity.

The challenge here is that photovoltaic cells are limited in the amount of electricity that they can produce from the sunlight they receive. This is why it is important that these cells are connected in a parallel or series formation so that they can generate the amount of electricity needed. In addition, solar panels require huge investment costs and have a low efficiency rating. If you want to make your homemade electricity with solar panels, you need to be prepared to shell out a lot of money.

Wind Generators

Solar energy is not the only natural source of electricity. It is also possible to create energy from home with a wind generator. A typical wind generator will have a motor or dynamo that is linked to a turbine. When the wind pushes onto the blades of the turbine, the resulting mechanical force on the turbine produces electricity.

Wind generators have an advantage over solar panels in that they have a higher efficiency rating. However, the electricity they produce is hugely dependent on the wind they receive, so they have to be installed at a location where they will get hit by the wind the most.

Addressing the Challenge

Both solar energy systems and wind generators are outstanding ways to create homemade electricity. However, as mentioned above, they are entirely reliant on their natural sources, and they will not work if sunlight and wind are not present. The energy they produce will have to be stored in a battery.

When you work with batteries, though, you have to be absolutely carefully. This especially applies when the batteries have a high mAh rating. These batteries can kill you when you do not handle them properly. Thus, you should not try to deal with short-circuiting batteries or recharging them when they are non-rechargeable.

You can produce your very own homemade electricity. You just need to be patient and do your research before you attempt it. Soon enough you will be able to find the best method for replenishing the electricity you use for your gadgets and appliances using renewable sources. Be careful when you handle homemade electricity, though. Your life will depend on the safety measures you observe.